Sunday, May 31, 2009

100 Mile House wildfire

It's not even June, and BC is already experiencing the effects of wildfire, some natural but most seem to be human caused so far this year.

The latest wildfire in the news is in 100 Mile House and started Friday (two days ago). Today's article suggests the fire may have been caused by arson or carelessness.

Over the weekend the 100 Mile House wildfire destroyed two homes, evacuated dozens of people and damaged more than 150 hectares in the Buffalo Creek area.

About 80 firefighters were on hand to contain the fire.

As of today, the wildfire is reported to be under control.

If the warm weather continues I'd expect to see more wildfire in the province, especially in areas with dead pine stands from mountain pine beetle.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Wildfire season has started in BC and Ontario

Forest fire season has started in BC despite the wet weather this week.

Ontario also has around 20 wildfires going, down from the numbers at this time last year but still a concern.

60 homes are still at risk from the 70 Mile House wildfire in BC.

Five homes and one business were destroyed last Saturday in the Cariboo community, about 70 kilometres north of Cache Creek.

Thirty firefighters attacking the fire were reinforced by another 10 yesterday. The crew also have four helicopters and three bulldozers at their disposal.

There have been no injuries.

The fire was likely started by human activity, but the exact cause is still being investigated.

Summer 2009 could be a bad period for wildfires due to all the dry, beetle killed pine covering vast areas.

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